If your boiler breaks down you could be without both hot water and heating.  In these emergency situations we will endeavour to be with you on the same day that you call so that you are hopefully back up and running as soon as possible.   However, in some situations, it may save you time and money if you can at least diagnose the problem before calling us. Do remember, though, that only gas safe engineers can work on a boiler. Please be careful.

Some of the most common problems are the following:

  1. No heating, no hot water or both​​ - see fault finder below.

  2. Leaking or dripping - try to determine the source of the leak​ and isolate it if possible.

  3. Blocked sink/drain - put some drain cleaner down, leave for 24 hours and wash through.

  4. Air lock in shower/tap - turn the tap/shower on full and cover the end with your hand.  This should force the air through.

  5. Radiators too hot/cold - check the temperature that the boiler is heating the water to. Check the thermostat.  Check the radiator valves are set to the correct position.

Whatever it is,we can fix it; its just a case of identifying the problem and creating a solution. If you have a problem with your appliance, and don't feel confident in fixing it yourself, get in touch and we can either pop round and help you or chat to you over the phone or by email. We are here to help.